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Red Dead Online Adds Thanksgiving Celebrations, 2x Butcher Sales, & More

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Red Dead Online Adds Thanksgiving Celebrations, 2x Butcher Sales, & More

Red Dead Online is starting to give thanks!

It’s the start of another new month, which means there are plenty of great rewards and activities being added to Red Dead Online. In order to get a jump on Thanksgiving, Rockstar is giving out 2x Butcher Sales across the frontier, as well as triple RDO$ and XP for selling Samples to Harriet Davenport all month long.

You can check out the full list of things to be thankful for in Red Dead Online this month right down below.

the naturalist
  • Triple RDO$ and XP for selling Samples to Harriet Davenport
  • Triple RDO$ and XP on Wild Animal Tagging and Wildlife Photographer Free Roam Events
  • Free orange Raccoon Hat for completing a round of Wildlife Photography
  • Double RDO$ and XP on all Races
  • Double RDO$, Gold, and XP for completing The Ember of the East Blood Money Opportunity
  • Free 5 Blending Tonics, 5 Predator Bait for playing any time this month
  • 50% off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item and 200 rounds of Sedative Ammo for turning in 2 Samples to Harriet during any week this month
  • Thanksgiving Week (November 22-28)
    • Play any time this week to earn a RDO$150 bonus
    • Earn an Autumnal Brown and Orange Macbay Jacket and Red Diamondback Hat for winning a round of the Featured Series
    • 5X RDO$ and XP for turning in Turkeys to Butchers
    • Free Offer for 10 Gold Bars off any Specialist Role Initiation Item for playing any time this week
  • Free Community Outfit inspired by Redditor /u/Kindainappropriate comprised of the Kennedy Hat, Walden Coat, Horsemanship Holster, Workman’s Gloves, Western Rider Spurs, Millard Boots, Multi-Tone Half Chaps, Striped Dark Blue Tied Pants, and the Gray Hopeman Vest
  • Discounts: 10 Gold Bars off the Sample Kit, 50% off Harriet’s Tonics, Fishing Rod and Fishing Lures, 40% off Gypsy Cob Horses, Bow, Saddle Bags, Improved Bow Variants, and Trinkets from Gus’ Store, Elephant Rifle, Ponchose, Corsets, Boots, Pants, Novice and Promising Naturalist Role Items, 30% off the Advanced Camera
  • Prime Gaming: Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before November 30 will receive 5 Gold Bars, 3 Special Snake Oil, the Farling Jacket in a stunning Brown and Black colorway, and the Bring it On Emote

Players will also be able to earn additional outfits and awards via the Featured Series, which you can see outlined via the dates below:

Nov. 1 – 7: Lemoyne Series

  • Craft a Coat and a Trinket at Gus’ Store to receive an orange pair of Grayshott Pants

Nov. 8 – 14: Hardcore Mix 

  • Complete an Animal Sighting Mission to earn the Blackgrave Coat dyed yellow and brown

Nov. 15 – 21: Sport of Kings and Last Stand

  • Craft a Legendary Panther Coat and you’ll get a brown and red pair of Pelt Half Chaps

Nov. 22 – 28: Hardcore Special Edition Modes

  • Naturalists above Rank 10 will get the orange and brown Kelley Boots this week

For more info on this upcoming Red Dead Online update, head on over to Rockstar’s official website. We’ve also got plenty of more interesting related Red Ded Redemption content located right down below as well.

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