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What Is a Squig in Andor? Star Wars Explained

Squigs in a bowl with drinks nearby

What Is a Squig in Andor? Star Wars Explained

The possibilities are endless.

Andor is full of new Star Wars lore, including planets and characters, and Squigs are new too. Making their debut appearance in Narkina 5, the word sounds like it could be a character’s nickname or a new alien species. Here’s everything you need to know about what a Squig is in Star Wars Andor.

What Are Squigs in Andor?

Squigs are eels from Chandrila that are traditionally added to a drink named after them to make it fizzy. Mon Mothma has lost her taste for Chandrilan Squigs, likely representing her loss of interest in Chandrilan traditions in general. Her husband enjoys the drink and serves it at their party, where political maneuvering is even more delicate with Mon secretly supporting the fledgeling Rebel Alliance.

What Do Squigs Taste Like?

You can enjoy your own Squigs drink with the recipe from Jenn Fujikawa; if you have gummy worms for Halloween you’ll just need mango juice and Sprite. Andor gave the impression that the drink is alcoholic when Tay Kolma said the point is to be disgusting, but that’s simply not true. Chandrilan Squiqs is a good mix of sour and sweet, and has a chewy and fizzy texture to keep your taste buds occupied. Don’t forget to whip up some Squigs before watching the next episode, you might feel closer to the action.

That’s everything we have on what Squiqs are in Star Wars Andor. Check out some of our other Andor content like Clem Andor’s death, whether Saw Gerrera is in the show, and the properties of Tunqstoid Steel.

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