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Is She-Hulk Getting a Season 2?

Is She-Hulk Getting a Season 2?

Is She-Hulk Getting a Season 2?

She-Hulk was a terrific MCU series and we are eager for word on a season 2.

With She-Hulk having wrapped up today on a high note, fans are of course wanting to know when there will be more. Jennifer Walters has left a definite mark on the MCU and it seems everyone has the exact same question. Here’s what we know about if She-Hulk will be getting a season 2.

***Slight She-Hulk Season Finale Spoilers Below***

Will There Be a She-Hulk Season 2?

At present, there has not been any official word on She-Hulk getting a second season. Thus far, the only Marvel show to officially have a second season in the works is Loki, but there are plenty of reasons to think She-Hulk might be the second to receive that honor.

The She-Hulk finale went all-in on meta jokes, and plenty of the humor was aimed at an upcoming second season of She-Hulk. While it’s easy to dismiss all of this as just jokes, this is still the most (meta or not) that any non-Loki show has gotten in regards to hints at a follow-up season.

She-Hulk was the first to break the mold and have only 30-minute episodes, which made it easy to binge if viewers weren’t caught up. This could easily mean a greenlit second season of She-Hulk would have a quicker turnaround than something like Moon Knight. Though, that’s just speculation on our part.

For now, this is everything there is to know about if She-Hulk will be getting a season 2. We will absolutely update this guide whenever we know more about the future of She-Hulk.

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