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Loki Season 2 Starts Filming Next Month

Loki Season 2

Loki Season 2 Starts Filming Next Month

Earlier today, it was revealed that Loki Season 2 will start production next month. According to the Film & Television Industry Alliance website, filming for the sophomore season begins June 6, 2022, and is set to take place in London, England.

The first season of this Disney+ show debuted back in June 2021, following the story of the Variant, Loki, who was derived from a mistake the Avengers made in Marvel’s Endgame. This season explores the multiverse, and even delves into the idea of other versions of the character, including a female version of the character known as Sylvie.

The season finale of Loki left fans with a cliffhanger of what is to come for our favorite God of Mischief, and the aftermath of consequences from Sylvie’s actions. The Marvel community was left puzzled because of the reveal of the figurehead in control of the Time Variance Authority and all the mysteries entangled with him.

The next season does not have much concrete information about what it will entail; the only evidence to go on is the few minutes of events that take place in the season finale.

With Season Two of Loki’s start date confirmed to film in the summer, more news will further the intel of this Disney+ series. For more updates, quizzes, and information on Loki and everything else in the Marvel universe, check out the links below and stay up to date on Twinfinite.

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