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Think You Know the God of Mischief? Take This Loki Trivia Quiz To Find Out

loki trivia quiz

Think You Know the God of Mischief? Take This Loki Trivia Quiz To Find Out

Loki season one is done and the last episode left the God of Mischief is in a bit of a predicament, to say the least. The timeline for the beginning of season two may be far off in the distance, but there’s still plenty to know from the first six episodes. If you think you’re a fan of Loki, then just take this trivia quiz to find out.

Just keep in mind that if you haven’t finished season one of Loki, you likely won’t get a perfect score. You may know a few facts about the show, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ace it. If you don’t care about a perfect score, then go for it and have some fun.

On top of likely not getting a great score, this Loki trivia quiz is full of spoilers from each episode. Some are inconsequential, but others focus on major plot points. Again, if you’re okay with that then take a shot. You can always try again after you finish each episode.

Now it’s time to put your study materials away and test your knowledge with this Loki trivia quiz. If you don’t know an answer, feel free to guess. When you finish up, don’t forget to share your score in the comments and on social media. Challenge your friends and shoot for a perfect score.

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Think You Know the God of Mischief? Take This Loki Quiz To Find Out

Let's start with an easy one. What item did our Loki variant use to escape New York?
What does Loki see a drawer full of at the TVA?
Where does Loki first encounter Sylvie?
Where does Sylvie hide to evade the TVA?
What moon do Loki and Sylvie find themselves on when running away from the TVA?
What revelation does Sylvie share with Loki while running from the TVA?
Which character knees Loki in the groin for cutting off their hair?
Who ends up pruning Loki?
Which classic arcade cabinet appeared in the Loki hideout?
Which US Navy Destroyer briefly appeared in the void before quickly being consumed by Alioth?
In the final episode, B-15 finds a Renslayer variant to prove the TVA agents are all variants. What is the Renslayer variant's job?
How does the statue of He Who Remains at TVA Office differ from the variant seen in the last episode?
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