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How Moon Knight Fits Into the MCU After Its Finale

Moon Knight walking towards camera

How Moon Knight Fits Into the MCU After Its Finale

The first (and maybe last) season of Moon Knight is now in the books after six episodes of Egyptian deity hijinx. It had a different overall feel from past MCU since it contained nearly no references to past films or TV shows. Rather, the ways that writer Jeremy Slater and Director Mohamed Diab fit Moon Knight into the MCU were more subtle than the lingo we’re accustomed to like ‘the blip’.

Heads up before you go any further: there will be many spoilers for the full season of Moon Knight down below. There’s really no way to get into the specifics of this series and its place in the MCU without mentioning some key points in the series. From here on, any part of any episode is fair game.

MCU Timeline

Moon Knight Finale

Disney+ Marvel section showing timeline order of MCU content
Source: Disney+

To begin, we know that Moon Knight is the latest content on the timeline — with Multiverse of Madness being a possible exception — thanks to Disney+. In their Marvel section, there’s a sub-category that lists all of the MCU shows, films, and one-shots in timeline order. Hawkeye takes place the week leading up to Christmas Day, which is right around the same time that Spider-Man: No Way Home wraps up.

We already know that Hawkeye and No Way Home take place in late 2024. That means Moon Knight is set in the early months, possibly the Spring of 2025. There’s also a brief call back to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in episode two where you can see an advertisement for the Global Repatriation Council (GRC) on one of the busses.

Marc Survived the Blip (Probably)

Moon Knight Finale

Steven Grant looking at Marc Spector's passport
Source: Disney+

Another blink and you’ll miss it reference came up in the episode where Steven found Marc’s passport. As it was pointed out by Aeron Mer Eclarinal at The Direct, Marc’s passport was issued post-blip in 2018. This means that our hero was likely out there exacting Konshu’s justice the same way Clint Barton (Ronin) did during the time when half of the Earth was wiped out of existence.

Now what would be truly interesting is if we eventually find out that these two heroes ran into each other at any point due to overlapping targets. Even if they did, it’s unlikely that they would have teamed up. Clint wasn’t exactly in the right state of mind during his time as Ronin. Plus his crusade was an extremely personal one that left no room for sidekicks or partners.

Spirituality of the MCU

Moon Knight Finale

Taweret greeting Marc Spector and Steven Grant
Source: Disney+

One of the most obvious references to past MCU content in Moon Knight was during the fifth episode where Taweret briefly mentions the Ancestral Plane from Black Panther. This is the purple savannah we saw T’challa travel to after he consumed the Heart-Shaped Herb.

It’s also explicitly stated by Taweret that Duat and the Ancestral Plane are just a few of the many afterlives that exist throughout the MCU. This also implies that the Norse myths of Valhalla and Hel may be real along with the Greek myths of Elysium and Tartarus.

What’s more, Moon Knight also introduces the Ennead to the MCU. This group of Egyptian gods is just another addition to the growing list of deities in this universe. But their time along with the other MCU gods may be short-lived since Gorr the God Butcher is set to run amok in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Potential Future (West Coast Avengers)

Moon Knight Finale

Jake Lockley looking serious
Source: Disney+

It’s unclear where Moon Knight will go from here, but there are plenty of options for the newest hero in the MCU. A second season seems most likely, but there could be a team-up on the horizon.

Before you get your hopes up, there is absolutely nothing in Moon Knight that implies the West Coast Avengers will become a thing in the MCU. However, there are certainly enough big players in the universe now to form a team with some well-established characters. Plus Khonshu’s grasp on Marc and Steven may not be truly broken since the Egyptian God is still working through the second alter, Jake Lockley.

Ant-Man, Wasp, War Machine, Hawkeye, and Moon Knight have all been a part of the California-based superhero group. Scarlet Witch and US Agent have also been associated with them, but those characters both seem to be going down darker paths right now.

Even without those morally ambiguous characters, you have a group of varied dynamics with the goofy Ant-Man, the very professional Hawkeye, the battle-hardened War Machine, the intelligent Wasp, and the wild card in Moon Knight. And if they ever need another member, then US Agent or Scarlet Witch could easily slide into the role of the hero trying to rehab their image in the eyes of the world.

Featured Image source: Disney+

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