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Think You Know Everything About WandaVision? Take Our Trivia Quiz to Find Out

wandavision trivia quiz

Think You Know Everything About WandaVision? Take Our Trivia Quiz to Find Out

WandaVision is a milestone achievement for Marvel Studios. The final episode of their first TV series just went live on Disney+ mere hours ago. But how much do you remember? Go ahead and test your knowledge of WandaVision with this trivia quiz.

But let us warn you right away: do not take this quiz if you haven’t seen all of the episodes. You absolutely won’t ace the quiz and on top of that, you’ll spoil the ending of the show. If you’re okay with that, then go ahead, but you have been warned.

If you’ve only not seen the last episode, then the spoilers aren’t major story spoilers. You will almost assuredly still get the questions wrong. But if you’re not averse to non-story spoilers, then go ahead and swing for the fences in this WandaVision trivia quiz.

(All images via Marvel Studios/Disney+)

Remember to share your results in the comments below and on social media. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out all of our other fantastic quizzes here at Twinfinite.

Think You Know Everything About WandaVision? Take Our Trivia Quiz to Find Out

Let's start easy. What is the name of the town trapped within the hex?
Which citizen of the town inside the hex is introduced first?
What are Wanda and Vision's stage names for their magic act?
What is the true identity of the fake Pietro?
What type of vehicle does Monica Rambeau attempt to pilot into the hex in episode 7?
What are the names of Wanda and Vision's children?
What is the name of the equipment Darcy Lewis uses to first watch the TV broadcast coming from the hex?
Which sitcom featuring Mary Tyler Moore is Wanda watching with her family when their apartment explodes?
What thought experiment does the Vision from the hex use to make White Vision stand down?
What is the brand of paper towels used in the episode 5 commercial?
What lie does Vision tell Wanda to get out of taking the kids trick-or-treating?
What type of hex does Agatha say Wanda used to stop the Stark Industries bomb from exploding?
What is the name of the street Wanda's children mention they can't go beyond in episode 6?
What is the name of Monica Rambeau's mom?
What fruit does Agnes bring over for Wanda to use in her desert for Mr. & Mrs. Hart?
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