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How To Get All Endings in The Mortuary Assistant


How To Get All Endings in The Mortuary Assistant

A guide that explains how to get every ending in The Mortuary Assistant.

Who doesn’t love a good horror game where your choices affect the outcome of the story? With The Mortuary Assistant, one ending just isn’t enough and is a great opportunity to stick around even after the credits roll. This twisted horror has five unique endings—six if you count dying prematurely—so here’s how to get all the endings in The Mortuary Assistant.

All Endings in The Mortuary Assistant

There are a total of six endings in the game, as listed below:

  • Standard
  • Game Over
  • Basement
  • Correct Body
  • Incorrect Body
  • Closure

We’ll go over how to get each ending in more detail here.

Standard Ending

The Standard Ending is your standard affair, the most straightforward of the six and what most players will likely end up with. It’s also considered one of the “good” endings. To get this ending, embalm every body, place the sigils correctly, and burn the demonic body at the appropriate time. When given the option to accept another shift, take it and start the cycle over.

Game Over Ending

While technically an ending in the game, the Game Over Ending is exactly how it sounds. You have to botch the entire operation, though there’s no right way to do it (or the wrong way, depending on your point-of-view). You can burn the wrong body, not burn one at all, or simply let yourself get possessed.

Basement Ending

Image Source: DarkStone Digital

Out of the six endings, the Basement Ending is one of two endings that are a bit more involved, but it’s well worth the effort to learn more backstory and lore.

  1. Embalm the bodies, place the appropriate mark, but wait to burn the correct body.
  2. Go into the embalming room, search the third drawer of the white cabinet, and grab the key inside.
  3. Opposite the white cabinet is another cabinet. Open the bottom one to reveal a keypad. The code is 197044, which reveals a key.
  4. Enter the basement, use the two keys, then interact with the coffin.
  5. Now you’re welcome to burn the correct body.

Correct Body Ending

This ending is nearly identical to the Standard Ending in The Mortuary Assistant. Play through the game, using the correct sigils and burning the body at the proper time. After completing your shift, leave it at that; this will count as an ending. It’s only until you move forward onto a second shift that you set yourself on the path of the Standard Ending.

Incorrect Body Ending

After embalming two of the bodies, intentionally (or unintentionally) making a mistake will net you the Incorrect Body Ending. Did you burn the wrong body? Use the incorrect sigil? Maybe you forgot an ingredient? Make any of those mistakes to watch one of the “bad” endings unfold. Poor, poor, Raymond.

Closure Ending

Image Source: DarkStone Digital/ManlyBadassHero

The second more involved ending in The Mortuary Assistant, but yet another that you should experience just to bring more depth to Rebecca’s character.

  1. Grab three items in your apartment.

    In the brown drawers under the TV, open the middle-left drawer. Open the container inside and grab the three items: 2 coins and a necklace.

  2. Grab the coins in the embalming room.

    In the white cabinet, open the second drawer and grab the coins inside.

  3. Place the coins in the hanging girl’s hands.

    At some point during the operations, you’ll see a visage of Rebecca hanging from the sealing, both palms opened. Place one coin in each hand. You can finish your shift like normal, embalming all three bodies and burning the correct one.

That’s all there is on how to get all endings in The Mortuary Assistant. Completing every ending in the game will net you the achievement The Mortician, at least on Steam. For more gaming horror, check out the best horror games on the Xbox Series S and Series X. If you prefer PC, you’ll find all sorts of grotesque and shocking titles among the top 15 best horror games on PC in 2022.

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