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How to Fish in Coral Island


How to Fish in Coral Island

Here’s how to catch bugs in Coral Island!

If you are a fan of farming games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, chances are you enjoy some virtual fishing. Coral Island, a newly released game in the farming genre, offers some fun fishing mechanics. Unfortunately, these may be hard for newcomers to grasp at first. We have written up a simple guide below on how to fish in Coral Island so that you can get your gathering flowing!

Fishing in Coral Island

The first thing you need to catch fish is a fishing rod. You will get a letter prompting you to visit Sunny’s Beach Shack (pictured on the map below). This should happen after an in-game day or so of playing. After receiving the letter, be sure to go to their shop and you should get both a bug net and a fishing rod. If your inventory is full, they will be sent to your mailbox back at your farm.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

Catching a Fish

Now that you have a fishing rod, you can begin fishing! To fish, approach any body of water (river, lake, ocean, etc.) and cast your rod by clicking the left mouse button. You will see a fish’s shadow appear and come toward your rod. Be sure not to panic!

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

Simply wait for the fish to bump into your cast line a few times before it bites. When it bites, the fishing mini-game will begin automatically. All you have to do here is click and hold until the tension starts to build. You can see the amount of tension by looking at the squiggly lines at the top. They will become longer and more red, indicating that you need to release for a bit. When the squiggly line dies down you can click and hold again.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

Repeat the process of holding and releasing until you have caught your fish. Once you have caught a fish, you can donate it to the museum or sell it! If it is your first time catching that certain kind, we recommend you donate it. If you want fishing to be a bit easier, you can always head back to Sunny’s Beach Shack and buy an improved fishing rod.

With this guide, you should now be on your way to becoming an expert at catching fish in Coral Island. Be sure to check out our other Coral Island content, and have a look at similar posts below!

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