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How to Plant and Harvest Crops in Coral Island


How to Plant and Harvest Crops in Coral Island

Here’s how to plant and harvest crops in Coral Island!

One of the main attractions pulling players to Coral Island is its farming aspect. If this is your first game of the genre or you have just started and find yourself a bit confused, no need to worry. We have written up a guide that will show you how to buy seeds, plant them, tend to them, and harvest them so that you can make good money and live your inner farmer’s dreams.

Planting and Harvesting Crops in Coral Island

The first thing you are going to want to do is head to Sam’s General Store to buy some seeds. We know you have some in your inventory to start, but getting different kinds is always a good idea and will be essential every time you go back to plant new crops. Sam’s shop can be found as shown on the map below. 

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

To start, he will sell some flower seeds and different vegetable seeds. Buy as many as you can and head back to your farm.

Planting Crops

From here, you will need to use your hoe to prepare the ground for planting. Simply equip the correct tool from your bar as shown below and click on tiles where you want to plant crops to hoe the ground.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

You can now equip the seeds you have bought instead of the hoe and click on the newly tilled spaces to plant them.

You will eventually unlock sprinklers that will take care of watering the crops for you, but for now you will need to manually water them.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

To do this, all you need to do is equip the watering can. You can fill it up at the water source by your house as shown below when needed, as it only holds a bit of water. Once it is full, simply click on the spots where you have planted crops and they will darken to indicate that they have been watered.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

If you want to make farming even easier, you can craft fertilizer and apply it the same way you watered the crops.

How to Harvest Crops

After a few days (you can see how long your crop will take when you are purchasing its seeds at Sam’s General Store), your crops will be able to harvest! You will know they are ready when they are visibly grown and the game prompts you to harvest them upon walking nearby. Harvesting is simple, and no tools are necessary. Just use your right mouse button on the crops that are ready to click and collect them. Now you can sell them in your shipping bin for hefty profits!

That’s all you need to know about harvesting and planting crops in Coral Island. With this guide, you should now be on your way to becoming an expert at farming in Coral Island. Be sure to check out our other Coral Island content, including how to activate the Solar Orbs.

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