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New Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Trailer Is All About its Waifus

Image via Shift Up
Image via Shift Up

New Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Trailer Is All About its Waifus

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE comes with many beautiful gunslinging girls and you can see them in a new trailer.

Developer Shift Up and publisher Level Infinite released a new trailer for the upcoming mobile game Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

The video focuses on introducing the game’s playable characters. If you’re familiar with them, you probably know they’re all gunslinging waifus.

We get to see them in gameplay action against a variety of enemies, on top of a mix of cutscenes.

You can watch it below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, which is coming for iOS and Android on November 4, it was originally revealed at an event in 2019 alongside Project EVE (which is coming to PS5), and then showcased again at the end of 2020.

While the name Shift Up may not immediately ring a bell, it’s the studio behind the popular mobile game Destiny Child and its CEO is famous artist Hyung-tae Kim, also known for his gorgeous character design in the Magna Carta series and in Blade & Souls. This new game certainly follows the same trend.

If you want to see more of its characters, you can enjoy more trailers: one introduces Protocol Squadone showcases Triangle Squad, and another features the girls of Mighty Tools Squad. You can also take a look at another gameplay trailer, and one showcasing the guns and classes.

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