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Fallout 4 Will Be Upgraded for Free for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, & PC Next Year

Fallout 4 Next Gen Upgrade
Image via Bethesda

Fallout 4 Will Be Upgraded for Free for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, & PC Next Year

Fallout 4 is getting a free update for PS5, xbox series X|S, and PC, bringing better visuals, bug fixes, and more.

Today Bethesda had an announcement to share that will certainly please Fallout 4 fans who have a gaming PC, a PS5, or an Xbox Series X or S.

While celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise, the developer revealed that it’ll release a “next-gen update” for the new consoles and Windows in 2023.

Regardless of the fact that it’s about time that we start calling the current generation by its name, as it hasn’t been “next” for years now, the update will include “performance mode features for high frame rates, quality features for 4K resolution gameplay, bug fixes and even bonus Creation Club content.”

From the description, it feels a lot like the Anniversary Edition for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but this one will actually be free, which is never a bad thing.

At the moment, no precise release date has been announced for this update, but I suppose we’re going to hear more at some point in the next few months.

If you’re unfamiliar with Fallout 4, it was originally released in 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

It has received plenty of critical and fan acclaim and several DLC. Of course, like all Bethesda games, the modding community has also kept the torch lit over the years, producing a ton of content and improvements for the game.

If you want to read more about it, you can check out our review, which was definitely enthusiastic even counting just the content provided at release.

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