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All Victoria 3 Console Cheats & Commands

Victoria 3

All Victoria 3 Console Cheats & Commands

Gain a bit of more advantage with these Victoria 3 cheats.

The world of Victoria 3 can be challenging to conquer especially if you’re just getting started. In such a case, you can use Victoria 3 cheats and console commands to bypass unbeatable stages. Therefore, if you want to gain more of an advantage, here’s a quick rundown of all the console cheats and commands that can be used within Victoria 3.

How to Open Console in Victoria 3

Here’s the complete set of instructions to activate cheats in Victoria 3:

  1. Open the game Launcher.
  2. Select the “Game settings” option on the left.
  3. Scroll down until you find the “Open game in Debug Mode” setting.
  4. Select the “Launch” button next to the setting.

The game should now launch in debug mode which allows you to open the command console and enter the aforementioned commands. If you’re on Steam, you must add the following command to launch options for the game: -debug_mode.

All Cheats & Console Commands in Victoria 3

  • add_approval (interest group) (amount)
    • Add an approval modifier to the given interest group
  • add_clout (interest group) (amount)
    • Add or remove clout of the interest group by changing their political strength
  • add_ideology (interest group) (ideology)
    • Add an ideology to a given interest group
  • add_loyalists (culture) (amount)
    • Adds loyalists to culture
  • add_radicals (culture) (amount)
    • Adds radicals to culture
  • add_relations (country) (amount)
    • Change relations with selected country
  • ai.goal (country tag) (goal type)
    • Check AI goal
  • annex (country tag or id)
    • Annex a country
  • annex_all
    • Annex all other countries
  • audio.cpu_info
    • Shows current cpu usage
  • audio.list_events
    • List audio event
  • audio.play_event (audio event)
    • Play audio event
  • Browser.OpenURL (url)
    • Opens up an url
  • Camera.Load
    • Load camera position
  • Camera.Save
    • Save camera position
  • change_law (law) (country)
    • Change a law in a country
  • changestatepop (state id) (pop type / all) (amount)
    • Change the pop size of the given pop type ( can be ‘all’ ).
  • check_pollution_level (state region tag)
    • Print out pollution for specified state region
  • conquerall (country tag)
    • Set all enemy provinces under your control
  • crash
    • Cause the application to crash
  • create_ai (self / all / tag)
    • Create AI for country or countries
  • create_country (country definition) (country type) (culture) (state id)
    • Create a country
  • create_political_movement (law type)
    • Create a political movement
  • date (date in format
    • Change the current date
  • debug_mode
    • Toggles debug mode
  • Debug.TextureMode [Name of debug mode]
    • Enables a texture mode for debugging
  • disable_ai (all / tag)
    • Disable AI
  • disable_pop_growth
    • Disable pop growth
  • enable_ai (all / tag)
    • Enable AI
  • escalate (amount)
    • Add escalation to your diplomatic plays
  • event (event name) (country tag / province id)
    • Executes an event
  • find_unemployed
    • Find and report all unemployed pops
  • force_oos
    • Make this client go out of sync in multiplayer
  • help (command name)
    • Print out all console commands or a specific command description.
  • kill_character (character name)
    • Kill the named character
  • map_editor
    • Toggle map editor
  • Map.SavePNG (map mode) (file name)
    • Save a png of the map for a specific map mode. The only map mode which is known to work is “countries”
  • mapmode (mapmode)
    • Switch to a given mapmode
  • money (amount)
    • Add specified amount of money
  • Music.PauseFactor
    • Pause music
  • Music.PlayTrack (track name)
    • Play the specified track
  • Music.Reset
    • Reset the music system
  • Music.StopTrack
    • Stop the currently playing track
  • norevolution
    • Enable no revolution mode
  • nosecession
    • Enable no secession mode
  • observe
    • start observing the game
  • own (province id / state region tag) (country tag)
    • Change the owner of specified province or state region
  • popstat
    • Print out the amount of active pops
  • portrait_editor
    • Open the portrait editor
  • province_borders (true / false)
    • Toggles showing of province borders
  • research
    • Acquire technologies
  • screenshot
    • Take screenshot
  • set_devastation_level (state region tag) (amount)
    • Set devastation level in specified state region
  • set_pollution_level (state region tag) (amount)
    • Set pollution level in specified state region
  • show_goals
    • Show AI goals.
  • skip_migration
    • Enable skip migration mode
  • switchlanguage (language name)
    • Reload localization files and switch language
  • tag (country tag)
    • Switch control to another country
  • time
    • What time is it?
  • treatyport (state region tag)
    • Takes treaty port in state region
  • wagerate (building) (rate)
    • Get or Set a building’s wage rate
  • yesmen
    • AI will agree to all diplomatic proposals & sway offers from players

All Fast Cheats in Victoria 3

  • fastbuild
    • Enable fast build mode
  • fastenact
    • Enable fast enact mode
  • fasthire
    • Enable fast hire mode
  • fastinstitutions
    • Enable fast institutions mode
  • fastinterests
    • Enable fast interests mode
  • fastmobilize
    • Enable fast mobilize mode
  • fastresearch
    • Enable fast research mode
  • fastrevolution
    • Enable fast revolution mode
  • fastsecession
    • Enable fast secession mode
  • fasttravels
    • Enable fast travel mode

So that’s it, everything you need to know about Victoria 3 Console Cheats & Commands. Before leaving, make sure to check out other gaming-related content here at Twinfinite, like Victoria 3 gets a new trailer & Victoria 3 trailer about politics.

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