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Xbox PC App Now Features Integration

Discord Voice Chat Releases on Xbox Consoles for Insiders Today

Xbox PC App Now Features Integration

Xbox’s update features integration and much more.

Microsoft has released a new update for its Xbox App on PC. Some new features, which Microsoft revealed on its official Xbox website, included a 15% launch speed increase, squishing some bugs, and faster search results.

Arguably the most significant new addition is integrating with The website, as its name implies, gives users an estimate of how long it will take to finish a game, whether you’re b-lining in the end or you choose to take on some side missions along the way.

You can also submit your date to catalog how long it took you to complete and share it with other players. There’s even an Xbox hub on that features every game available on Xbox GamePass.

While this may not seem like that big of a deal, the integration to is a great new update for PC Gamers who are very cautious about how long a game will be before you can finish it. It can be annoying to buy a game, get bored and never finish it. It makes you feel like you wasted your money on something that you that’s never going to be done, especially if it’s a 40-hour open-world RPG.

For more information on Xbox and the latest games available on GamePass, be sure to search Twinfinite. We’ve also got some more helpful related articles about Microsoft titles for your right down below, so take a gander.

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