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Steamforged Games Announces Elden Ring Board Game Kickstarter


Steamforged Games Announces Elden Ring Board Game Kickstarter

Potentially play a version of Elden Ring where you don’t die 1000 times

Elden Ring, the new IP from Dark Souls creator From Software, might receive a board game if fans are interested in funding it. Steamforged Games, best known for producing board game adaptions of Resident Evil 2, 3, and Dark Souls, recently announced on Twitter that an upcoming Kickstarter campaign to fund Elden Ring Board Game is in the works.

At the moment, there isn’t too much information regarding the Board Game project, though there has already been a page set up for it, which you can see and subscribe to via the tweet below.


As of this writing, Steamforged Games has yet to announce a date for when the Kickstarter will go live, but it will be coming soon. The announcement has some fans speculating that possible DLC might be coming soon to Elden Ring.

Released on Feb. 25, 2022, Elden Ring is the latest game from From Software. As with its previous titles, the game received critical acclaim from fans and critics, with praise for its challenging combat, open-world design, and beautiful setting and atmosphere. However, there was some criticism towards the PC version for some optimization issues.

Elden Ring has since sold over 16 million copies worldwide and has been in talks to win multiple game of the year awards. For more on all things From Software, check out our site. We even have a review for Elden Ring, which you can check out right here.

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