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Marvel Snap Launches Globally for PC & Mobile in October

marvel snap

Marvel Snap Launches Globally for PC & Mobile in October

Marvel Snap is finally ready for global launch.

Announced a few months ago, Marvel Snap is a new digital card battler developed by Second Dinner, which is headed up by Ben Brode, who had previously worked on Hearthstone. The game’s been in closed beta on mobile devices in certain territories since then, but three months later, it looks like we finally have a set release date for the global launch.

Announced during the Marvel games showcase today, Second Dinner and Nuverse revealed that Marvel Snap will be releasing for PC and mobile devices globally on Oct. 18. While the closed beta is already available on mobile devices, this will be the first time we finally see the PC client.

During the closed beta period, we’ve already seen the release of four different season passes, each introducing a new card: Wave, Thor, Daredevil, and Nick Fury. The game had received some backlash for its Nexus Events, but Second Dinner has since scrapped it entirely in favor of a new monetization strategy.

It’s also worth noting that beta players will not have their progress wiped, and will be able to carry their card collection over to the full release. That being said, the matchmaking system will ensure that players of a similar rank and collection level will face off against each other, so the matches shouldn’t be too skewed as newer players enter the fray.

Marvel Snap is set to be released for PC and mobile devices on Oct. 18.

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