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All Modern Warfare 2 Beta Weapon Level Caps


All Modern Warfare 2 Beta Weapon Level Caps

A guide that explains the weapon level caps for all weapons in Modern Warfare 2 beta.

Despite still being in beta, CoD Modern Warfare 2 grants players access to a wide variety of firearms, tactical equipment, and perks. In addition to deadly weapons, you’ll also have the option to add modifications to your favorite weapons, though most of the attachments are locked off by weapon levels. If you’d like to see what’s in store for many of the modifications for your favorite firearms, here’s all Modern Warfare 2 beta weapon level caps.

All Modern Warfare 2 Beta Weapon Level Caps

Weapon Level Cap for Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles

Image Source: Activision
  • Lachmann-556: Level 20
  • M4: Level 20
  • M16: Level 16
  • Kastov-74U: Level 1
  • TAQ-56: Level 1
  • FTAC Recon: Level 23
  • Lachmann-762: Level 19

Weapon Level Cap for SMGs and LMGs

Image Source: Activision
  • Lachmann Sub: Level 20
  • FSS Hurricane: Level 15
  • Fennec 45: Level 1
  • 556 Icarus: Level 16
  • Rapp H: Level 18
  • Sakin MG38: Level 1

Weapon Level Cap for Marksman Rifles and Sniper Rifles

Image Source: Activision
  • LM-S: Level 13
  • Lockwood MK2: Level 1
  • Signal 50: Level 1

Weapon Level Cap for Handguns, Shotguns, and Launchers

Image Source: Activision
  • X12: Level 1
  • X13 Auto: Level 1
  • Expredite 12: Level 1
  • PILA: Level 1
  • JOKR: Level 1

With those being the last, that covers every and all weapon level caps in Modern Warfare 2 beta. Keep in mind that some weapons are limited to level 1, meaning you won’t be able to add attachments; furthermore, it’s unclear if it was intentional or a bug, but several weapons refuse to reach their maximum level. For those unable to connect to Modern Warfare 2 beta, check out how to fix the Puget-Altus error as well as how to fix MW2 if it stops suddenly on PC.

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