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How to Get Iridium in Stardew Valley

How to Get Iridium in Stardew Valley

How to Get Iridium in Stardew Valley

Wondering how to get Iridium in Stardew Valley. Then, here’s what you need to know. Iridium is a valuable metal in the game and has many uses.

Iridium is among the most valuable resources in Stardew Valley and if you are wondering how to get it, then we have your back. Stardew Valley is all about farming and mining for items and there are many things that can be crafted using the skills, knowledge, and materials that players collect along the way.

Iridium is a valuable metal that can be used to fully upgrade crafted items to their highest level and also create the Iridium Energy Shirt. Here’s how to get Iridium in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Iridium in Stardew Valley

The best and possibly the easiest way you can find Iridium in Stardew Valley is by heading over to Skull Cavern. In this area, you’re going to find a lot of Iridium Nodes. Not only that, but the amount you find increases with each checkpoint (10 floors) you unlock. That means that the higher you go, the more you’ll end up digging up.

Another great source of Iridium is via Magma and Omni Geodes on lower mine levels. These can be obtained repeatedly by mining all rocks on mine levels 115-119. To further improve the amount of geode you get, select the Geologist Profession at mining level 5 and the Excavator Profession at mining level 10.

Iridium in Stardew Valley
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Take all of them to the blacksmith to be torn apart. Apart from money and gemstones, there’s a fair chance at least some of them will contain Iridium in them. Also Purple Slimes, Iridium Bats and Iridium Crabs all have a chance to drop Iridium when killed and can be found in the Skull Cavern. Completing the Crafts Room in the Community Center will unlock the Quarry East of the Mines. There’s a possibility to find small amounts of Iridium there as well.

Apart from this, you can get Iridium by putting Super Cucumbers in a fish pond. It will begin generating Iridium every few days. The Travelling Cart also sells it occasionally for 300-1000g. If money isn’t your issue, you can visit the desert and talk to Sandy, who will sell them Omni Geodes. These can then be taken to the Blacksmith to check if they contain iridium.

The Statue of Perfection gives you 2-8 Iridium ore every day and can be unlocked by being evaluated by Grandpa’s Shrine and getting a good result and then interacting with the shrine itself.

Alternatively, Krobus sells 1 Omni Geode every Tuesday for 300g apiece and The Oasis sells 3 Omni Geodes every Wednesday for 1,000g each, which can then be shattered by Clint or with a Geode Crusher. There is a 5% chance an Omni Geode will possess 1-11 Iridium Ore. 

And that about does it for how to get Iridium in Stardew Valley. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out the links below. We’ve also got guides on how to get truffles in Stardew Valley and where to find Robin’s lost axe, too.

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