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Free Ambrose Island Map Comes To Hitman 3 This July 26

Free Ambrose Island Map Comes To Hitman 3 This July 26
Image Source: IO Interactive

Free Ambrose Island Map Comes To Hitman 3 This July 26

Agent 47 has a new location to play in.

For those that continue to hone their assassination skills in IO Interactive’s Hitman 3, this month brings something new to add to your fun. Following the announcement back in May, we now know that the new Ambrose Island map will be coming to Hitman 3 on July 26 thanks to a reveal trailer for the location.

As the description reads, Ambrose Island “is a hidden cove, home to a dangerous pirate syndicate operating in the Andaman Sea and to many hidden secrets.” Players will have the freedom to explore this sandbox location, eliminate a variety of new targets, and enjoy the many gameplay opportunities that lie in wait. There will also be many challenges and unlockable rewards to incentivize players to be the best assassin they can be.

Check out the trailer below:

The Ambrose Island update for Hitman will be free to all owners of the game, so you will have no reason not to try it out. With this new update going live in just a few weeks, IO Interactive will then follow up with the new Freelancer mode, which is still set to arrive in the second half of 2022.

The brand new, single-player mode coming will introduce roguelike elements, strategic planning and a customisable safehouse to the base experience. There will be several available Freelancer campaigns, each one representing a criminal enterprise that is prominent across the World of Assassination.

For each campaign, the order you want to play the missions is entirely up to you. After each mission, you’ll return to the safehouse to restock, resupply and strategically plan your next move. Campaign missions have been reworked to fit the Freelancer mode. For example, locations will have new NPC types, that can either help or hinder your progress. Suppliers will offer a selection of weapons and items that you can acquire to increase your chances of success, whereas other NPCs will alert Leaders and make your job more difficult.

No word yet on whether Hitman 3 will get a third year of support. For now, you can look forward to both the new map and Freelancer mode for 2022.

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