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Dislyte’s Bloody Hunt Trailer Teases Raid-like Event, Along With 3 New Espers: Amunet, Ullr, & Azure Dragon

dislyte bloody hunt

Dislyte’s Bloody Hunt Trailer Teases Raid-like Event, Along With 3 New Espers: Amunet, Ullr, & Azure Dragon

The Bloody Hunt update brings three new Espers and a new game mode.

Dislyte is one of the bigger mobile game releases of the year from Farlight and Lilith Games, and it’s certainly made a splash for itself by boasting an incredibly unique art style and very diverse cast of characters. The developers have just dropped a new trailer for the game, showing off three new Espers coming in the next update, along with a brand new game mode that looks a lot like a raid-style event with potential co-op elements.

You can check out the trailer down below:

The three new units are as follows:

  • Azure Dragon: Xiao Yin (Flow, 4-star)
  • Ullr: Aurelius (Flow, 4-star)
  • Amunet: Zora (Flow, 5-star)

The reveal of the three new Espers alone is already exciting, as the current meta is currently dominated by a lot of Inferno Espers, whereas Wind and Flow Espers have kinda fallen by the wayside, save for a select few standouts. All three new Espers will be Flow-attuned, which will hopefully shake up the meta when the patch does drop.

In addition to that, the trailer also gave us a glimpse of a new game mode in Dislyte, called Desolate Lands. Players have speculated that this might be a raid-style event where they can team up with others to take down a boss. The trailer was pretty scant on details, but it looks like there will be three bosses to get through before arriving at the main boss.

The trailer shows off the formation screen for a brief moment as well, where players will be able to form a front line and back line formation, which means that we’ll likely get to use more than just five units for the fight. That alone is exciting, too, and being able to co-op this event would just be the cherry on top.

The final question is: what is the pity system going to look like when Zora drops? The first banner with Ollie subjected the devs to a lot of backlash due to its ridiculous pull count required to pity the unit, and the second banner with Ahmed (which is still running now) dropped the pity to 450 pulls, which is a big improvement, but still pretty steep. It remains to be seen if the pity system will be adjusted again for Zora.

Dislyte is now available on mobile devices.

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