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Stray Gets New Gameplay Trailer and July Release Date

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Stray Gets New Gameplay Trailer and July Release Date

During today’s Sony State of Play presentation, we got a new look at Annapurna Interactive’s upcoming game Stray with a trailer featuring gameplay as well as a release date. Stray will release next month on July 19.

The trailer, which was approximately a minute and a half in length, mostly showed off gameplay. We got a clear look at how we’ll play as a cat that is trying to return to his family in a futuristic cyberpunk world.

As the cat, we’ll be able to scale rooftops, hitch a ride on a boat, and find creative ways to navigate the dangerous city from a third-person (third-cat?) perspective. We also see some stealth elements in the game, such as hiding in boxes and other trash to evade dangerous foes.

The city is populated by robots and machines, some of which pose a threat to our cat character. But not all of them are dangerous; we’ll be accompanied by a drone-like guardian named B-12, who provides help by translating robot languages and storing items.

All throughout this journey to be reunited with family, we’ll need to uncover an ancient mystery that haunts the cybercity world.

Stray will release on PS4, PS5, and PC next month on July 19. Playstation Plus Extra, Deluxe, and Premium members will be able to download and play the game at no extra cost.

You can watch the new trailer for Stray that was shown at Sony’s State of Play presentation below.

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