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How to Get & Pick Up Turtle Eggs in Minecraft

Turtle eggs in Minecraft

How to Get & Pick Up Turtle Eggs in Minecraft

Not sure how to get or pick up Turtle eggs in Minecraft? Then, we have your back. Turtle eggs are blocks that hatch baby turtles.

Not sure how to get or pick up Turtle eggs in Minecraft? Well then, we have got your back. Here is everything you need to know about completing this task quickly and easily.

Turtle eggs in Minecraft are blocks that hatch one or more baby turtles. They debuted with the 1.13 update, called “Update Aquatic,” and are an essential in-game item. Minecraft sea turtles are adorable, passive mobs that spawn on sandy beaches beside bodies of water. You can not only pet them but also use their eggs for farming a useful material called scute. But first, you will need to get yourself an egg and be able to pick it up.

How To Get Turtle Eggs In Minecraft?

You can find Turtle eggs in Minecraft randomly throughout the world or spawn them via the intentional breeding of two turtles. However, turtles must return to their original spawn point to reproduce. So, if a player attempts to breed a turtle in a location far away from their “home beach,” the turtles will travel back to their spawn point holding the eggs, no matter what the distance might be. 

Once you have discovered the home beach of two or more sea turtles, simply feed them seagrass and they will breed, producing one to four eggs within one’s inventory. The egg-bearing sea turtle will then head to its spawn point, where it will lay eggs, which can be picked by Minecraft players later. But how?

How To Pick Turtle Eggs In Minecraft?

To pick up Turtle eggs in Minecraft, you will need a pickaxe tool with the Minecraft enchantment Silk Touch. Simply, craft an abundance of wooden shovels and enchant them. Switch the shovel with the pickaxe to pick up the turtle eggs.

After successfully picking up the eggs, take them to a location with sand and water. Turtle eggs usually hatch within 4-5 nights. After the babies are born, they will head towards nearby water. After a hatchling becomes an adult, it will drop scute. You can also accelerate a turtle’s growing process by feeding it seagrass. 

Once you have gathered a considerable amount of scute, you can craft a Turtle Shell, a helmet naturally enchanted with Water Breathing, allowing you to breathe underwater for ten seconds. That’s everything about how to get or pick up Turtle eggs in Minecraft. For more tips and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite. As always, feel free to peruse the relevant links below.

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