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V Rising’s New Patch Addresses Stair Issues, Devs to Focus on Bug Fixes & Optimization Before Pushing New Content

Latest V Rising Patch Addresses Stair Troubles Among Fixes

V Rising’s New Patch Addresses Stair Issues, Devs to Focus on Bug Fixes & Optimization Before Pushing New Content

Stunlock Studios’ V Rising has already enjoyed massive success with over one million copies sold, and that success has given Stunlock plenty of data to work with. The feedback and data will figure heavily into the future of the game as the studio shares more about the upcoming roadmap for V Rising.

“Opening into Early Access is the first step we’re taking on the misty road to the game’s full release,” Stunlock said in a new blog post. “Many journeys have a set path, a road with a clear destination. While we certainly have our goal in mind for V Rising, our path is not all set.” 

The current focus will remain on “bug fixes, balance changes, server optimization, and quality of life improvements” before the team starts analyzing all of the data and feedback garnered from the past few weeks to further refine their scope.

“The massive support V Rising received will not only give us the opportunity to finalize our plans for the game, but it will also give us enough time to include some of your darkest dreams of what the experience can look like at the full release,” the blog post stated further.

As for content, there will certainly be more coming players’ way, such as weapons, loot, and even more V Blood Bosses, but that will rightfully take time to come. As such, we can expect fewer dev updates as the team focus on creating more and fixing the issues that players float up.

This can be seen in the latest 0.5.41591 patch for V Rising, which ensures that players will no longer fumble about trying to find stairs to build for their spooky castles. “Stairs have been added to the Castle Floors Tab in the Build Menu to make it easier for players to find them,” the notes read.

In addition to the fix for stairs, the new patch also brings more options to tweak your experience. Texture quality can now be adjusted in case you need to reduce memory usage, and an FPS Limit Option has been added. Bug fixes include a new one for those having trouble facing performance issues when fighting against Night Marshal Styx the Sunderer.

Be sure to read the full patch notes if you want to get all the juicy details about client patch 0.5.41591 for V Rising. For those looking for some help in making sure your time is well spent, you can check out how to create dedicated servers, the best weapons to get in V Rising, and other important information like all the Iron Ore locations.

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