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Roller Champions Trailer Gives Overview & Reveals May Release Date


Roller Champions Trailer Gives Overview & Reveals May Release Date

Ubisoft’s free-to-play inline skating sports game is set to lace up its skates on May 25, so a new trailer has just dropped to explain the rules and gameplay mechanics. This overview trailer gives us a crash course on how to play Roller Champions.

This is a 3v3 competition that has players pick up a ball and skate around a roller rink past multiple gates in order to open up the final gate. Once that final gate is open, the ball can be tossed in to earn a point.

The goal here is to earn five points to win the match, and each full lap that’s done while holding the ball will increase the number of points a player can earn when they finally decide to throw the ball through an open gate.

Dropping the ball and losing it to the other team will reset your gate court, so you’ll need to dodge, tackle, and pass the ball in order to keep your momentum going and win the match.

You can check out the Roller Champions crash course trailer right here to see a good amount of gameplay alongside a few cosmetic options that’ll be in the game.

If you’re looking to read up on more Roller Champions news, you can check out our other coverage of the game below, or even sign up on the official site.

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