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This War of Mine: Final Cut is Coming to PS5 & Xbox Series X|S Next Month

This War of Mine

This War of Mine: Final Cut is Coming to PS5 & Xbox Series X|S Next Month

Developer 11 Bit Studios has announced that its acclaimed war-torn survival sim, This War of Mine: Final Cut, will be launching on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S next month.

The expanded version of the Polish developer’s strategy game will officially drop on May 10 and will bring with it a multitude of improvements. Specifically, This War of Mine: Final Cut will feature enhanced 4K visuals, new user interface adjustments, as well as additional locations from the game’s DLC. Additionally, it will also sport a new classic scenario, a new character, new quests and some new events, too.

For those on Xbox, we also have some good news for you. Yes, This War of Mine: Final Cut will drop day and date on GamePass, so if you’re a subscriber, you’ll be able to net the game for no additional cost.

The Final Cut update was originally released on PC back in 2019, though the base game launched way back in 2014.

For those unaware, This War of Mine is a harrowing survival experience that places you in the shoes of a handful of survivors thrust into the devastating day-to-day goings on of a fictional war. Instead of centering upon the soldiers’ frontline perspective, the game centers on the everyday lives of those caught in the middle of the conflict.

We reviewed This War of Mine: The Little Ones when it launched back in 2016 and we were impressed, ultimately awarding it a 4/5, concluding:

As This War of Mine enters the lives of console gamers, we should rejoice that this experience is allowed to reach an even greater audience. It’s a game with something to say while providing an emotional experience to the player. You’ll be surprised by how much you care that one of your survivors totally got shot down like a dog while scavenging. It’s a hard game to be heartless with because the developers did such a great job of really shoving their emotions down your throat. These people are not soldiers. Rather, they had normal lives suddenly stripped from them through circumstances out of their control. Knowing this, actively working to keep them alive, and listening to their inner thoughts each day all lend to the experience of what makes this more meaningful than any other random management sim.

Of course, with everything going on in Ukraine at the moment, 11 Bit Studios CEO Przemek Marszal sees This War of Mine as a tool for educating people about the painful realities of war (H/T, Bloody Disgusting):

We believe it’s especially important to educate people on the realities of war right now, while its horrifying reality has become a daily struggle for people that are close to us. We’re proud that recent This War of Mine fundraising helped us create a wave of spontaneous help for war victims in Ukraine, and we hope we can further spread our antiwar message with This War of Mine: Final Cut.

This War of Mine: Final Cut is scheduled to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on May 10.

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