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Latest Out of the Park Baseball 23 Trailer Is All About New Features

out of the park baseball 23

Latest Out of the Park Baseball 23 Trailer Is All About New Features

Earlier today on YouTube, OOTPDevelopments dropped a new trailer and press release looking at the new features coming to Out of the Park Baseball 23. Among these changes are a brand-new tutorial system, updated graphics, and even deeper customization.

First, the new tutorial system is built to help new players get into Out of the Park Baseball 23. There’s no doubt that just being thrown in can be daunting with all of the teams, players, and general options you have. The aim of the tutorial is to explain everything in a way that anyone can understand.

Out of the Park Baseball 23 is going to get a massive overhaul compared to past iterations. That means the 3D animations are all enhanced to present more realistic visuals on the field. It’s still not quite on the same level as something like MLB The Show in terms of visuals, but it’s much improved from past years.

Additionally, there’s a brand-new simulation engine that OOTP Developments promises will improve, “Franchise Mode and Perfect Team experiences with all-new ratings balances for historical players.”

On top of that, players will also be able to upgrade all of the gear for their favorite teams. That means you can make changes to caps, jerseys, and pants. Plus you can even set certain days of the week or special dates for these different uniforms.

For those of you who are all about authenticity, Out of the Park Baseball 23 will feature all of the new 2022 MLB rules, tactics, playoffs, and strategies. What’s more, they improved the calculations for batter vs pitcher, there will be a redesigned catcher framing model, and updated scouting abilities.

Even the overall club management portion of the game is going to be getting some new additions. These changes will make it easier to assess team revenue management, employ new team batting strategies, enjoy new trade options, and further customize lineups in advance.

When it comes to games, the press release notes a handful of changes that are being made for Out of the Park Baseball 23.

New support has been added for tie-games (only spring games, flexible inning limits), regional draft tournaments, double elimination playoff options, customizable round-robin configurations, and tournament-style scheduling for multi-game series. Additionally, the game’s popular Live Starts feature now includes Full Minors from Low-A all the way through AAA for each organization whenever players Live Start from any day of the entire 2022 season.

Last but not least, even the online leagues are getting a bit of a bump. The new Waypoints system lets online league commissioners mark customized simulation dates. And the Limited Power Commissioner option opens up the opportunity for multiple players to run a single online league.

Out of the Park Baseball 23 launches soon on Apr. 22 exclusively for PC. You can check out the full trailer about the new content down below.

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