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Dark Horse Direct Dragon Age Morrigan Statuette is Magical


Dark Horse Direct Dragon Age Morrigan Statuette is Magical

“The magic of old must be preserved. No matter how feared.” If you’re into collecting statues and love Dragon Age, then the exact same principle applies to this terrifyingly beautiful Morrigan statuette that Dark Horse Direct now has available for pre-order.

Standing in at 7.5 inches tall, with a base measurement of 3.5 inches, this figure shows off everyone’s favorite Witch of the Wilds in all of her magical glory. You can check out the official description and some photos of Dragon Age: Morrigan Statuette below:

Dark Horse Direct and BioWare are back with the next installment of our gorgeous Dragon Age Statuettes, featuring Morrigan! A Witch of the Wilds who values independence and power above all else, this enchanting statuette is the perfect addition to your companion collection.

Posed at 7.5-inch tall, working her magical gifts and staff on a 3.5-inch base, this daughter of Flemeth has been meticulously sculpted by Big Shot Toyworks and expertly painted by J.W. Productions. Limited to just 1000 units, bring her alongside your Varric and The Iron Bull Statuettes to unite the legendary Heroes of Thedas!

Pre-order now before The Scornful Sorceress shapeshifts, leaving you to your fate!

Purchasing all 3 of our Dragon Age Statuettes? Add Varric, The Iron Bull, and Morrigan to your cart and enter code DRAGONAGE15 for $15 off your order!

Anyone interested in getting their hands on one of these can pre-order through Dark Horse Direct’s official website for a price point of $159.99. You have to be quick about it, though, as only 1000 units of Dragon Age: Morrigan Statuette are being created.

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