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The Lawn Mowing Simulator – Dino Safari DLC Is Available Now


The Lawn Mowing Simulator – Dino Safari DLC Is Available Now

Today, Curve Games revealed a brand new trailer for the latest DLC in their simulation title about mowing grass, The Lawn Mowing Simulator. Titled, Dino Safari, this new adventure takes fans back to the Mesozoic Era, allowing players to trim up the world while surrounded by some of their favorite dinosaurs.

You can check out the official trailer and description right down below:

In the new Dino Safari DLC, players will get to jump into the Jurassic era to navigate their mowers around the fictional Dino Safari Park and keep the lawns pristine around models of giant T-rexes, cunning raptors and gentle herbivores and many more. The DLC includes four new contract locations; the Cretaceous Canyon, Herbivore Valley, Raptor Enclosure and T-Rex Paddock as well as 12 new career contracts, four new valuables to find in Career mode and six new achievements.

In short, the Lawn Mowing Simulator – Dino Safari DLC features the following additions:

  • 4 new contract locations
    • Cretaceous Canyon
    • Herbivore Valley
    • Raptor Enclosure
    • T-Rex Paddock
  • 12 career contracts
    • 4 general cut contracts
    • 4 overgrown contracts
    • 4 litter contracts
  • 4 new valuables to find in Career mode (One in each contract location)
  • 6 new Xbox and Steam Achievements

The Dino Safari DLC is available now for $4.99, and requires the base game of Lawn Mowing Simulator, which is out now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One for $19.99.

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