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Elden Ring Patches Location: Where to Find Him & Complete His Questline

elden ring patches

Elden Ring Patches Location: Where to Find Him & Complete His Questline

After a long wait, Elden Ring is finally getting its official release this month. It’s a dream collaboration between From Software and George R.R. Martin, who had a hand in writing the lore of the game and helping with world-building. There are tons of familiar mechanics returning from the Souls games as well, along with some familiar faces. Here’s where to find Patches in Elden Ring.

Patches is a recurring character in the Soulsborne games. You might recognize him as Patches the Hyena from Demon’s Souls, or as the creepy Patches the Spider in Bloodborne. He’s back in this game as well, and he’s just as mishievous as ever.

Finding Patches in Elden Ring

  1. Once you’re in Limgrave and have access to the open-world, head northwest, past the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace.

  2. You’re looking for a small stream between the cliffs, and you’ll find a dungeon called Murkwater Cave there.

    We’ve included a screenshot down below to indicate the exact location on the map.

  3. Clear the dungeon and traverse the mist, then open the chest in the middle of the arena to trigger a boss fight with Patches.

    Patches is armed with a greatshield and a halberd, giving him considerable defense and reach. However, he also has pretty low HP, so just focus on keeping your distance and wait for him to finish his combo before getting in close to attack.

  4. Do or don’t kill Patches, the choice is yours.

    Once you’ve shaved off more than half of his HP, Patches will kneel down and surrender. Stop attacking him, and wait for the Enemy Felled prompt to show up onscreen. You can also choose to kill him if you wish, as you can gain access to the items he’d sell with a Bell Bearing item he drops. We’ve explained this further below.

    elden ring patches

  5. Speak with Patches to unlock him as a merchant.

    After the fight, you’ll need to teleport to another Site of Grace and then come back, as he needs a bit of time to set up shop.

After this encounter, you’ll be able to return to the Murkwater Cave at any time to purchase items from Patches. He has a cookbook for sale, as well as the useful Margit’s Shackle item, which will come in very handy in another boss fight.

Later on, Patches will set up camp at the Scenic Isle Site of Grace in the southern parts of Liurnia’s Swamp and will give you a hint about an enemy you’ll find in the academy… or not, this is Patches, after all.

After that, Patches moves to the inside of Volcano Manor, found in Mt. Glemir.

Patches Second Meeting – The Treasure Chest in Murkwater Cave

If you let Patches live, he’ll mention another treasure chest in the cave that holds valuable loot. By opening it, you’ll trigger a transportation trap and will find yourself surrounded by bears in the middle of Mistwood.

You can’t fast travel away, so instead call Torrent and make your way to a Site of Grace to remove the debuff applied to you. After this, when you next speak to patches at either Murkwater Cave or the Scenic Isle Site of Grace, he’ll pass comment about it.

What to Do with Patches’ Bell Bearing If You Kill Him

If you do kill Patches in Elden Ring, he’ll drop some leather armor and a Spear, as well as Patches’ Bell Bearing.

Once you’ve gained access to the Roundtable Hold, go and speak to the Twin Maidens here and hand over the Bell Bearing. This will then enable you to buy all of the items that Patches would sell if you hadn’t killed him.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Patches in Elden Ring. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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