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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where to Find Vulpix

Pokemon Legends Arceus vulpix

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where to Find Vulpix

This game changes up a lot of well-known features and gameplay mechanics that fans of the franchise have gotten used to over the years, but one of the main goals is still to catch Pokemon for research. The open-world areas can actually make it harder to find what you’re looking for, so we’ve got some info that can help. Here’s where to find Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Where to Find Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Vulpix can be found in the Cobalt Coastlands section of the world map. It’s the third major area that you visit outside of Jubilife Village. More specifically, Vulpix is located on a peninsula in the Cobalt Coastlands called Veilstone Cape. This is the exact spot on the map where I managed to find a number of Vulpix during the day:

At some point, the game will send you to Veilstone Cape for a main story mission, so it can be hard to miss. Vulpix will basically be walking around right in your path on the way to the quest marker during the day since this is the one route you can take.

The Vulpix found here in Legends Arceus will be around level 30 and Fire-type (unlike the ones in Alola), so be prepared if you’re planning to take one on in battle. If adding one to your party or pasture is the only goal, a regular Pokeball will do just fine, as they aren’t difficult to catch.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Be sure to check out our guide wiki on the game to find more tips, tricks, and other useful info if you’re looking for more pointers as you explore the Hisui region.

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