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Elden Ring Talking Tree: Where to Find It, How to Help Boc & Unlock Garment Alteration


Elden Ring Talking Tree: Where to Find It, How to Help Boc & Unlock Garment Alteration

During the early stages of Elden Ring, players will need to head to the Gatefront Ruins on their way to the Roundtable Hold. Exploring the area nearby the ruins, players may notice a voice asking for their help, questioning why they’re ignoring it. If you’re struggling to figure out where to find the Elden Ring Talking Tree, and how to help Boc, this guide will explain everything you need to know.

Where to Find the Talking Tree in Elden Ring

From the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace, head east until you find a cluster of trees and a voice shouts at you.

The specific tree you’re looking for is a small, red-leafed one. We’ve included a screenshot of it below, but you’ll also find messages from other players around it on the floor to help you out.

elden ring talking tree

How to Help the Talking Tree in Elden Ring

Now that you’ve found the source of the voice, simply press R1/ RT to attack the tree.

It will then turn into a monkey, who will explain how it ended up becoming a tree. Continue pressing Triangle/ Y to talk to the monkey until you’ve exhausted all dialog options.

Finding Boc & What You Get for Helping Him

After helping the monkey, it’ll give you 10 mushrooms, but if you continue to talk to it, it’ll mention that it can get players a better reward from the cave.

Go off and do some other things around the world, and then visit the ‘Coastal Cave’ found on the beach just northeast of the island off the west coast of Limgrave. This is also the way you’ll get to the island southwest of Limgrave, where you can use any Dragon Hearts you’ve obtained.

elden ring coastal cave location to find Boc

Head inside and you’ll find your monkey mate, Boc, injured. He’ll warn you to turn back now otherwise you’ll end up just like him. Proceed to dive further in — remember to rest at the Site of Grace by Boc first — and you’ll have to take on two Demi-Human Chief bosses.

defeating demi-human chiefs in Elden Ring for Boc

Upon beating the bosses, you’ll get the Sewing Needle which you can then return to Boc and hand over.

Unlocking Garment Alteration in Elden Ring

Later on in the game, Boc can be found at the Site of Grace in the Lake of Liurnia next to the entrance to Stillwater Cave. He’s also found at East Raya Lucaria Gate site of grace, southwest of the Bellum Road.

Once you find Boc, he will thank you for retrieving his Sewing Needle once more. You’ll now have the ability to alter your armor, making it lighter and changing some of its stats.

the alter garments option in Elden Ring

These vary depending on what ‘garments’ you have Boc alter. You can access the ‘Alter Garments’ option from any Site of Grace upon giving Boc the Sewing Needle.

That’s everything you need to know about the Elden Ring Talking Tree and Boc’s questline to unlock the ‘alter garments’ option. For more tips, tricks and guides on FromSoftware’s latest RPG, head over to our wiki or see more guides below.

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