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New Screenshots Show Off More of Haunted Chocolatier

New Screenshots Show Off More of Haunted Chocolatier

New Screenshots Show Off More of Haunted Chocolatier

Let the spirits lend a hand.

Coming via Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe/Eric Barone, Haunted Chocolatier is the next big game that fans of the farming and life sim genre will be looking forward to. After its announcement about two months or so ago, Barone has shared some new screenshots over the last week for Haunted Chocolatier as an update, with further hints as to how the game will function.

The screenshots show off a few things, one being that spirits seem to be of help when creating your chocolate, with another showing a school bus that has been transformed into a makeshift garden. The last screenshot shows off an imposing structure amid snowy conditions.

Based on this new update and the reveal trailer for Haunted Chocolatier, the spirits floating about will be key to your success both on the shopfront as well as behind the scenes. Some experimentation will also likely happen if you are searching for the best flavors.

In addition, Barone also shared some character portraits for the weaponsmith Burk, who appeared in the reveal trailer as well. Of course, with the game still in active development, this can all change in an instant. Fans should continue to look out for more information as Barone will share more along the development journey.

As expected, there is still no set release date for Haunted Chocolatier.

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