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New Apex Legends Update Fixes Bangalore Skin Bug & More

New Apex Legends Update Fixes Bangalore Skin Bug & More

New Apex Legends Update Fixes Bangalore Skin Bug & More

The MIL-SPEC Bangalore, the Rampage, and the Sentinel are back!

As is with most games nowadays, new updates and patches are quite common, but it becomes even more important when there are outstanding bugs and glitches that required fixing. Respawn Entertainment has dropped a new update for Apex Legends, which not only fixes the crashing Bangalore MIL-SPEC skin, but also deals with an issue for charging weapons and the return of the Rampage LMG and Sentinel sniper rifle.

If you did not already know, players were reporting that equipping the MIL-SPEC skin for Bangalore was causing the game to crash at the legend selection screen. Even your squadmates were not spared from the crashing. With this new fix, players can feel safe about equipping the skin yet again.

As for the Rampage and the Sentinel, the discovery of an exploit that allowed indefinite charging meant both were removed from the game. However, this new Apex Legends update takes care of the problem, and there will be no more super-powered LMGs and sniper rifles haunting players for now.

In addition to that, the Rampage is also getting a nerf, with bullet damage dropping from 28 to 26, and the thermite consumption per shot has been bumped up in its charged state.

The Dark Depths event is currently live in Apex Legends, with a new map in the Habitat, 40 new cosmetic items, and a free three-week reward progression in place until February 1. We can expect Season 12 to begin shortly after based on the past battle passes.

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