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First-Person Psychological Horror Game, Madison, Spooks Its Way to Consoles Later This Year


First-Person Psychological Horror Game, Madison, Spooks Its Way to Consoles Later This Year

Another day, another intriguing horror game to unearth from the interactive medium’s spooky graveyard. Yes, developer Bloodious Games has announced that it’s partnering with publisher Perp Games to bring its first-person psychological horror title, Madison, to “current and next-gen consoles” later this year.

While a PC release was scheduled for Jan. 7, legal issues regarding the name of the game’s developer threw a spanner in the works culminating in the studio changing its name from Nosebleed Games to Bloodious Games and the game getting delayed, despite the fact that the game’s development on PC is already complete.

As of the time of writing, there’s still no word on when the PC version of Madison will be released. Nevertheless, the good news for today is that we’ll definitely be seeing a console release of Madison at some point in the near future.

As for what to expect when the title launches, well, Madison is pitched as an exploratory first-person experience where you’re armed with nothing but an instant camera to aid you on your horrifying journey. Not only will you have to contend with a variety of environmental puzzles, but you’ll also have to confront a terrifying demon who is forcing you to commit atrocious acts of violence.

Go ahead and check out a trio of GIFs that help highlight what awaits you in Madison:

For more information about Madison, here’s the gist courtesy of a press release we received recently:

MADiSON is a first-person psychological horror game that delivers a truly blood curdling experience and developer BLOODIOUS GAMES has fought off numerous attempts to delay or even ban this terrifying new addition to the genre. With all of that behind them, BLOODIOUS GAMES are now fully focused on the future and the exciting relationship with Perp Games.

“Many years ago, when I first started playing games, I completely fell in love with horror. From constantly dying in Resident Evil or being scared to death playing the Clock Tower franchise to more modern psychological and survival horror games, I’ve felt, lived, loved and absorbed them all.” Says Alexis Di Stefano, CEO at BLOODIOUS. “MADiSON is our passion and we have poured our heart and soul into developing a game that will really scare you and challenge your perspectives. Our journey has been incredible, guided by the passion of our amazing fanbase, and now, thanks to our partnership with Perp Games we are very happy to announce we are bringing MADiSON to consoles and can spread our game to so many more fans of psychological and survival horror.”

“It is not often you see a team with so much passion and talent. Their knowledge and experience of the Horror Genre has been focused to develop MADiSON, a truly groundbreaking game that takes psychological horror to a whole new level.  MADiSON is extremely scary, and we can’t wait for people to experience the tragic story of Luca in the coming months.”  Said Rob Edwards, CEO at Perp Games.

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