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10 Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022 to Make You Feel Old


10 Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022 to Make You Feel Old

Wii U (10 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

wii u

One of Nintendo’s most controversial consoles, the Wii U, turns ten years old this year in November. This was the first Nintendo console to support HD graphics and had a relatively short lifespan. Despite its low sales numbers, it was home to a number of hit games, such as Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon.

Though the marketing was a bit confusing and a lot of people saw the device as clunky, there’s no doubt that the Wii U GamePad, the console’s main controller, revolutionized gaming and led the way towards the development of the Nintendo Switch. Whether you loved or hated the Wii U, it’s pretty hard to believe it’s been ten whole years since it was originally released.

Nintendo Land (10 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

nintendo land

Just like the Wii U, Nintendo Land turns ten years old this November. This was a launch game for the console and was included as a pack-in for the deluxe bundles of the Wii U.

Nintendo Land was a compilation of 12 minigames that were each centered around Nintendo franchises. Players could enter familiar worlds based on their favorite series such as Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong, and Pikmin to play either single-player or multiplayer minigames. Each minigame used the Wii U’s gamepad in creative ways.

Nintendo Land had a ton of great ideas, and since there hasn’t been any port or sequel for the Switch, we’d love to see the franchise make a return someday.

Sly Cooper (20 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

sly cooper

Sly Cooper celebrates its 20th anniversary this year; the first game in this Playstation platform stealth series (Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus) was originally released in September 2002. Since then, the series saw three additional main games, a collection, and comic books.

The most recent game in the Sly Cooper series was released back in 2013 and ended on a cliffhanger. Will Sucker Punch Productions finish Sly’s story for his anniversary in 2022, or is the studio too busy with newer projects? At this point, we’d even be happy with more information about the animated movie or television show that have apparently been in the works. We just want more Sly Cooper!

Kingdom Hearts (20 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

kingdom hearts

The Kingdom Hearts series is another franchise that turns 20 years old this year. The first game, released in March 2002, was just the beginning for Sora and his friends. Square Enix and Disney have partnered to create thirteen games across a multitude of platforms over the years.

More recently, Sora made his Super Smash Bros. debut in 2021, cementing an ever deeper legacy for the franchise.

It’ll probably be quite some time before the next main game is released, so we shouldn’t expect too much for the franchise’s anniversary, but we do know that the series will be debuting as a cloud release on the Nintendo Switch in 2022. Additionally, a trailer was released a few months ago that details what else can be expected for the 20th anniversary.

Mortal Kombat (30 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat celebrates its 30th anniversary this year as the first game in the franchise released in October 1992 as an arcade game. The series is home to what many consider to be some of the greatest fighting games of all time and is one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time, sparking a huge franchise with over 20 games, several movies, and a forever-lasting legacy.

The original game was also a center of controversy at the time due to its depiction of violence and gore, which contributed to the formation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

Mortal Kombat 11, the most recent entry in the series, released a few years ago in 2019. Though there hasn’t been any word quite yet, we wonder if something could be in the works for the 30th anniversary.

Mario Kart (30 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

mario kart

Players prepared their banana peels and started their engines for the first time in 1992, the years Super Mario Kart released. Though it wasn’t Nintendo’s first racing game, it quickly became their most popular. Ten console games have been released in the Mario Kart series along with a mobile game and several arcade games.

Mario Kart has long been a fan-favorite for both serious and casual gamers alike. Though the Nintendo Switch has seen the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, fans are growing hungry for more.

Could 2022 be the year Nintendo releases a brand new Mario Kart game to celebrate its 30th anniversary? We sure hope so!

Kirby (30 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

kirby 1992

He’s pink, squishy, and adorable. What’s not to love? Kirby celebrates his 30th anniversary this year. His first game, Kirby’s Dream Land, was released in April 1992 for Gameboy.

The Kirby series includes over 30 games and is one of NIntendo’s top franchises. Most of Kirby’s games are side-scrolling platformers that are easy for newcomers to play, though he is also featured in numerous spin-offs in other genres.

We already know that Kirby and the Forgotten Land will release in 2022. It will be the first 3D platforming game in the Kirby series, making it a wonderful game to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Street Fighter (35 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

street fighter

One of the most well-known competitive fighting games, Street Fighter, was released in arcades 35 years ago in August 1987. It was a quick success, and over the next three decades, Street Fighter would become the highest-grossing fighting game franchise of all time.

There have been five main series Street Fighter games as well as multiple spinoffs and crossovers. Additionally, Street Fighter and its characters have appeared in other games and media franchises.

In the Street Fighter V fall update trailer last year, Capcom teased that there would be Street Fighter news for 2022. Could this mean there is a new game on the horizon for the 35th anniversary? We are eager to find out.

Mega Man (35 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

mega man

Mega Man celebrates its 35th anniversary as well in 2022; the first game in this action-platforming series was released for the NES in December 1987. Prior to Mega Man, Capcom had been primarily focused on arcade games, so this was the first title the studio worked on for console release.

Though it wasn’t immediately a huge commercial success, it was praised enough for the series to continue and grow into what would become 11 main games, a spin-off series, and multiple ports and remakes. There have also been Mega Man television shows and comics. Mega Man was the first game to feature a non-linear level select option, which was very different than the norm at its time.

Fans of the Mega Man franchise have eagerly been waiting the 12th entry in the series since it has been a few years since the most recent game released. Only time will tell if there is something in the works for the 35th anniversary.

Final Fantasy (35 Years)

Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2022

final fantasy

Of all the franchises celebrating anniversaries this year, Final Fantasy might have the biggest legacy of them all. The original title in this roleplaying series turns 35 this year, released in December 1987 for the NES. It was a commercial success, kickstarted many sequels and spin-offs, and is often described as the most influential roleplaying games of all time.

There have been 15 main series games, and the franchise has branched out to various other genres, such as MMORPG, racing, fighting, rhythm, and more. There have also been a number of other Final Fantasy media, venturing into mediums such as film, books, and shows.

The next title, Final Fantasy XVI, was announced back in 2020. Though we don’t know when this next Final Fantasy game will release, we expect to learn more about it early this year.

It is unclear what Square Enix is planning for the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary, but they revealed a logo for the milestone back in October last year, so hopefully there is something exciting in the works.

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