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Super Animal Royale Season 2 Brings Plenty of Fur and Fixes

Super Animal Royale Season 2

Super Animal Royale Season 2 Brings Plenty of Fur and Fixes

Pretty soon the second season of the adorable free-to-play Super Animal Royale will be available to play, along with a Christmas-themed return of the Bwoking Dead LTM (limited-time mode).

If you just want the Super Animal Royale season 2 highlights, the Modus Games site lays them out as:

  • Season 2 Busy Busy Pass + New Starter Pack DLC
  • CRISPRmas Event: December 14th to January 4th
  • New Map Location: Beaver Construction HQ
  • New Super Animals: Super Beavers, Super Reindeer and a new Super Arctic Fox
  • Cross-play parties: invite your friends to squad up with any mixture of Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch!
  • SAR is now available to stream on Google Stadia in addition to GeForce Now, so you can play on your smartphone, in your browser, and more, with cross-play matchmaking and cross-save account syncing.
  • The Bwoking Dead limited-time mode returns during the CRISPRmas event!

There are also platform specific Super Animal Royale changes coming:

  • The PlayStation version no longer requires PlayStation Plus to play Super Animal Royale, but if you do have it, you’ll get a PlayStation exclusive cosmetic bundle of items!
  • We’re also debuting a new Xbox Game Pass Perks bundle for Ultimate subscribers!
  • The Nintendo Switch version of the Season 2 Starter Pack DLC arrives December 20th.
  • Stadia support for cross-play parties is coming soon.

The new season also comes with the Super Beaver character. Also unlockable is the super beaver in pink or a beever (yes, that is a beaver that also looks like a bee) that can be obtained with the right amount of DNA if you are above level 40.

Super Animal Royale is available to play (for free) on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch. With this update, alll sorts of cross-play is now available. Before someone playing PS5 couldn’t play with a friend on the PS4 version, but that is all fixed now.

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