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Halo Infinite Short Film “Unspoken” Expands Lore of Master Chief’s Shield

Unspoken Halo Infinite Short Film

Halo Infinite Short Film “Unspoken” Expands Lore of Master Chief’s Shield

This morning, the official Halo Twitter account tweeted out an almost four minute video titled Unspoken showing some of the background to how Master Chief’s energy shield came to be part of his arsenal.

The Tweet itself reads:

[Official UNSC Archives transmission] This is the untold story behind the Master Chief’s energy shield and the brave soldier who risked death to confiscate vital Covenant technology.

Unspoken starts with a brief text opening that says:

Assigned to a freighter escaping the destruction of Harvest, two marines confiscated alien energy shields while defending passengers from an enemy boarding assault. This led to a technological breakthrough that accelerated the development of the Master Chief’s defense system.

For those not as knowledgeable of Halo lore, Harvest bears great importance to the start of the war with the Covenant. Harvest also bears the sad but notable distinction of being the first Human planet “glassed” by the Covenant. The book Halo: Contact Harvest by Joseph Staten tells the story of Harvest in depth, for anyone interested.

Unspoken shows Chris Preston, a Lance Corporal, using American Sign-Language as a computer translates the signing into words. The video is addressed to the parents of David Dominguez, the other marine mentioned in the opening who didn’t make it.

There’s no action, simply a marine who just accomplished one of the most important things in turning the tide of the war as it just began, telling the story of his brother in arms who didn’t make it. Prepare for an emotional video.

You can watch Unspoken here on Twitter or embedded below:

Halo Infinite, developed by 343 Studios, is set to release on November 15 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Game Pass subscribers will be able to play Halo Infinite day one on release.

You can head here to see a bit on the most recent Halo Infinite trailer that dropped at the end of October and gave a look at the Banished.

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