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Weird West Shoots for a Jan. 11 Release Date on PlayStation, Xbox & PC

Weird West

Weird West Shoots for a Jan. 11 Release Date on PlayStation, Xbox & PC

Wolfeye Studios’ cowboys and robbers-inspired sim, Weird West, is aiming for a Jan. 11 release date on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The news comes by way of a press release and a freshly cut video that confirmed the new launch date. Go ahead and check out the new footage down below:

Announced at The Game Awards back in 2019, Weird West is an immersive isometric cowboy-RPG that places you in the shoes of a handful of distinct characters. Each of their narratives interconnect with one another in different ways and you’ll essentially get to see, control and influence their own personal origin stories.

Players can interact with the game’s world in numerous ways, and the developer promises in the above vid that, “if you see something that seems possible, chances are, it is possible.”

It’s worth noting that the pedigree behind the project is noteworthy, too, as Weird West comes from Arkane Studios’ co-founder Raphaël Colantonio. Of course, Arkane Studios is best-known for its work on the recent PS5 timed console exclusive Deathloop, as well as the Dishonored series and the more modern entries in the Wolfenstein franchise.

For more information, here’s a rundown courtesy of an official press release we received today:

Sheriff WolfEye Studios and their slack-jawed deputy Devolver Digital have announced that Weird West, their upcoming action RPG experience set within a surreal vision of the developing frontier, is coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox on Jan. 11. To coincide with the news, the bucking broncos have opened pre-orders on Steam and released the first part of a brand new video series. WolfEye Studios creative director Raf Colantonio walks through an overview of the game in the first of a series of deeper dive videos.

Newly opened pre-orders on Steam will furnish players with a horse named Calamity; a dependable mule that provides leg up at the beginning of their adventures by doubling their inventory size, allowing them to escape locations even if enemies are chasing them, and faster travel to avoid missing out on timed objectives. Calamity’s saddle bags will also be stocked up with essential items, including lockpicks, bandages, tools and a Golden Ace of Spades upgrade token.

Weird West rides into town on PC, PlayStation and Xbox on Jan. 11, 2022.

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