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New Nimbus Infinity Trailer Shows Mecha Action Aplenty

Nimbus Infinity

New Nimbus Infinity Trailer Shows Mecha Action Aplenty

Today GameTomo released a brand new trailer of its upcoming mecha game Nimbus Infinity to celebrate Gamescom Asia.

The game is the newest title of the series started with Project Nimbus in 2014 and it’s coming to Steam in 2022. Console ports have also been mentioned before as well, with no specifics.

You can watch the trailer below, and enjoy plenty of mecha action.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nimbus Infinity, you can check out an official description below, together with a list of official bullet points. You can also watch the previous trailer.

“A direct sequel to Project Nimbus, Nimbus INFINITY is a high-speed mecha combat game. Controlling multi-purpose humanoid machines called Battle Frames, players can customize weapons and loadouts to gain the edge in battle, and unravel the story of a new generation of pilots.”

  • High-speed, mech combat.
  • Customize weapons and loadouts to better suit one’s skills and preferences.
  • Variety of new stages, environments, and area gimmicks.
  • A new story with a new cast, exploring the world 21 years after the events of Project Nimbus.
    Although the world has seemed to move beyond the war-torn history of Battle Frames, there seems to be something moving in the undercurrent of this peace…
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