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Lovecraftian Horror Rogue-Lite, Theatre of Sorrows, Announced for PC & Switch

Theatre of Sorrows

Lovecraftian Horror Rogue-Lite, Theatre of Sorrows, Announced for PC & Switch

Are you ready to stare into the abyss? Yes, Polish indie studio Catastrophe Games has announced a new Lovecraftian 2D rogue-lite for PC and Nintendo Switch, titled Theatre of Sorrows.

Based on the dark cosmic horror literature of American novelist H.P. Lovecraft, the game combines procedurally-generated narrative branching paths with an assortment of resource management mechanics. A brand new trailer teasing what you can expect is now available which you can check out below:

Creepy tentacles? Check. A spooky cult? You got it. An oppressive otherworldly dread? Bingo! Long story short: This is one eerie trip into the mind of Lovecraft that we’ve got a keen eye on.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to get our tentacles hands on it. Indeed, Theatre of Sorrows is penciled in for a Jan. 14, 2022 launch on Switch and PC. You can check out the game’s official Steam page here.

For more information about the title, here’s a rundown of the story courtesy of an official press release we received today:

The story focuses on Eileen and Killian – a pair of twins whose quiet and normal life gets abruptly destroyed by a dark cult. In an attempt to save his sister, Killian agrees to comply with their demands and travels to the mysterious island of Esha. There he will have to navigate his way through the unknown territory with only a handful of hints that might lead him to a dangerous discovery about things that should have probably been consigned to oblivion…

But what say you, though? Does a Lovecraft-inspired 2D rogue-lite sound like your cup of tea? Or will you be avoiding Theatre of Sorrows like the plague when it releases on PC and Nintendo Switch early next year? Channel your inner Cthulhu in the usual place down below to let us know.

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