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Far Cry 6: How To Melee

Far Cry 6 - Melee

Far Cry 6: How To Melee

Get up close and personal in Far Cry 6.

With the arrival of Ubisoft‘s anarchic open-world shooter, Far Cry 6, the time to take up arms and bring down the oppressive rule of Anton Castillo is upon us. To do so, you are going to depend on plenty of firearms and explosive action, but there is also the need to get your hands dirty. If you are wondering how to chop up the opposition, here’s how to melee in Far Cry 6.

How to Melee in Far Cry 6

To unleash your machete skills and melee anyone that gets close to you in Far Cry 6, all you need to do is click-in the right stick on the controller of your choice (R3 button). This will see Dani slash anything in the immediate front. You can also keep things quiet by creeping behind enemies and go for the silent kill using melee.

There is also another good use of the melee attack in Far Cry 6, and that is to clear objects. Many Libertad caches are hidden behind vines or other objects, and a good melee strike can open up the path to more treasure.

It is that simple, now you know exactly how to melee in Far Cry 6. For more tips, tricks, and guides, remember to check out the rest of Twinfinite. For more Far Cry 6 help, head on over to our dedicated wiki for the game. If you find yourself having more queries about Ubisoft’s latest, be sure to drop your comments below so we can help!

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