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Relaxing Narrative-Puzzler, A Little Golf Journey, Putts Its Way to Switch & PC on Oct. 14

A Little Golf Journey

Relaxing Narrative-Puzzler, A Little Golf Journey, Putts Its Way to Switch & PC on Oct. 14

Fore! Yes, Montreal-based developer, Ocidokico, has announced that its super chill golf experience, A Little Golf Journey, will be making its approach to Nintendo Switch and PC on Oct. 14.

To coincide with the news, the indie studio dropped a brand new trailer to celebrate. Go ahead and check it out down below:

Blending the calming gameplay of golf with a myriad of light puzzle elements, A Little Golf Journey is a meditative adventure that boasts a tranquil yet catchy original soundtrack.

Players will be able to explore an expansive map with over 100 holes, discover secrets and collectibles, and putt their way through ten gorgeous destinations. From what we can tell, A Little Golf Journey looks like it’s shaping up to be more of a birdie than a bogey, eh?

For more information about the game, here’s the rundown courtesy of an official press release that we received today:

A relaxed, playful experience built around a stripped back version of the game of golf, A Little Golf Journey is all about the journey, not the driver.  Explore diverse biomes, uncover each course’s secrets and tee off on the most relaxing round you’ve ever experienced.

A Little Golf Journey will be launching on Steam for PC, GOG and Nintendo Switch on 14th October and just like the real game, you can take your time to soak in the natural beauty of the course, spend all your time out of bounds – but who knows what you might discover – or shoot straight for the hole!

Born from a desire to break away from the hyper-specialisation of AAA game development, A Little Golf Journey took the team at Okidokico on their own journey as they had to master all the disciplines to create their take on Golf whilst creating a relaxing, intriguing narrative with puzzles a plenty and flexibility in play which allows you, the player, to chart your own course through the world.

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