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Medieval Dynasty Launch Trailer Marks End of Early Access the For Popular Survival Game

medieval dynasty

Medieval Dynasty Launch Trailer Marks End of Early Access the For Popular Survival Game

After a year in Early Access, developer Render Cube and publisher Toplitz Productions are today celebrating the full launch of their popular medieval survival game Medieval Dynasty, and naturally, there’s a new launch trailer to mark the occasion.

Accompanying the full version is a major new content update that introduces a new herbalism system and adds bandit enemies to the already hostile landscape.

For those not up to speed with Medieval Dynasty, it places players in the shoes of a young orphan who seeks to build a new life and family by creating his own settlement. Here’s a synopsis by way of the publisher:

In Medieval Dynasty, there’s more to life than scavenging for food and fighting the wildlife. Meet the locals, gather resources, hunt, explore and prepare for the future. You aren’t just looking out for yourself, but building your own village; recruit townsfolk, assign work and build connections with the world around your new home. Complete quests, explore neighboring towns and even start a family to establish a dynasty that will endure through the ages.

And here’s an overview of the game’s key features:

  • Beautiful and realistic open-world 3D landscape with state-of-the-art graphics
  • Full 4 seasons with day/night cycle and realistic weather conditions
  • Interactive environment with trees to fell, various fruit to pluck, stones to collect, caves to explore and many more
  • Many different buildings with various levels from hay shacks to full stone mansions
  • Over 60 pieces of equipment to craft, including weapons, tools, furniture and clothing
  • Realistic wildlife interaction with plenty of different animals such as wolves, wild boars, deer, rabbits and others
  • All activities will impact on food, water, health and endurance status
  • Detailed skill tree for individual character development
  • Complete trading system that allows for buying/ selling goods across the whole map
  • Unique events and decisions with direct impact on gameplay
  • Dynasty reputation system triggering events with the king
  • Quests, trade and economy, sandbox option, social connections to NPCs and many more

Today’s launch trailer:

Medieval Dynasty is available on and the Microsoft Store.

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