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Halo Infinite Gets Some Fresh Officially Licensed Fashion Gear

Halo Infinite, SuperGroupies

Halo Infinite Gets Some Fresh Officially Licensed Fashion Gear

In celebration of the upcoming release of 343 Industries’ highly anticipated FPS, Halo Infinite, SuperGroupies has announced a brand new collaboration based around Master Chief. The fashion line includes the following themed items: Watch, Jacket, Backpack, and Wallet.

Information and pictures for this fresh set of Halo Infinite gear can be found below.

Master Chief Model Watch
This chronograph watch combines an olive green base inspired by the memorable color scheme of the Master Chief’s armor, with striking orange and black accents reflecting his visor and techsuit. Don’t miss his Spartan number “117” printed on the dial or the minute hand modeled after a Halo ring, designs exclusive to this collaboration!

Master Chief Model Jacket

Imitating the style of the Master Chief’s armor but not its weight, this unique jacket has been designed so you won’t need any Spartan augmentation procedures to wear it. The arm pocket’s zipper pull is made of an orange iridescent fabric drawing inspiration from the Master Chief’s helmet visor, standing out against the understated military-like green base color.

Master Chief Model Backpack

The design of this impressive backpack reflects the Master Chief’s silhouette and his massive armor. In addition to the iconic olive green of his armor, his Spartan number “117” and elements from his techsuit are also featured on the front pocket for a faithful representation of the Master Chief’s uniqueness.

Master Chief Wallet

Featuring dynamic textures imitating the Master Chief’s armor and techsuit, the external designs include his Spartan number “117” printed in white, unmistakably tied to John-117. Opening the wallet will reveal the UNSC logo embossed on the coin compartment.

This convenient item comes with 4 card slots and a zippered compartment, and is also compact enough to fit in your pocket. It’s sure to become your best ally on the battlefield in your fight against the Banished.

Anyone interested in pre-ordering these items can head to the official SuperGroupies website from Sep. 28 until Oct. 17 at 8:00 PM, 2021. There, you’ll be able to get the Watch, Jacket, Bag, or Wallet together or individually for the following price points:

  • Watch available for $240 before tax    
  • Jacket available for $230 before tax (Size: M / L / XL / XXL)
  • Bag available for $150 before tax    
  • Wallet available for $110 before tax

Those who do order this Halo Infinite gear can expect it to arrive around late February 2022, with the watch arriving a bit later in mid-March 2022.

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