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New Slice-and-Dice Platformer Loopmancer Shown off at Gamescom 2021


New Slice-and-Dice Platformer Loopmancer Shown off at Gamescom 2021

Showcased at Gamescom 2021 this week, Loopmancer is a new action-platformer from developer Ebrain Studio. The game features swords, gunplay, and a cyberpunk aesthetic that’s help bolstered by Unreal Engine. Plus, you’re a private detective reborn with bionic prosthetics, so what’s there not to like? If you somehow aren’t sold yet, check out the trailer below:

And here’s a quick description of the game’s premise from Steam:

Loopmancer is a 3D platformer rogue-lite action game with realistic graphics that takes place in a cyberpunk universe. Players play as a detective who comes back to life after an unexpected death, and battle in this lifelike and futuristic city of the east.

The game features a heavy focus on speed and precision, so it’s likely that it won’t be a walk in the park in terms of difficulty. Imagine Ghost of Tsushima crossed with Strider and a hint of Street Fighter. While there isn’t yet an official release date, the game will be released on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. We’ll keep you updated when new information rolls out.

If you’re curious about the other games showcased Gamescom, Twinfinite has got plenty of ongoing E3 coverage, including plenty of more news listed below. Be sure to check back to the site for consistent updates for everything you could ever want or need about all of the events that are occurring throughout this weekend. 

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