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Goodbye Volcano High Gets Pushed Back to 2022

goodbye volcano high

Goodbye Volcano High Gets Pushed Back to 2022

Originally revealed during the PS5 showcase event, Goodbye Volcano High gave us serious Life Is Strange vibes especially with the way the color palette looked. It was kinda Blackwell-esque, but with teen dinosaurs. We didn’t see all that much of the game, but it definitely looked interesting, and we’re always down for some teen spirit and angst.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the team’s decision to reboot the narrative, the game has been pushed back from a 2021 release to a 2022 one instead.

“In addition to Global Events™️, 2020 saw us rebooting the narrative of our game (you can read more about that below). Those two factors have delayed our release timeline. So we are making what we’re sure is by now an expected announcement: Goodbye Volcano High will be a 2022 title, not a 2021 one.
It’s been a really hard year for many reasons, and the mental and physical health of the team has to come first. We don’t want to crunch, and we don’t want to put ourselves in stressful situations to finish the game by 2021 when we can take a little more time.”


Considering that we haven’t really gotten that many details about the game since its announcement, the delay doesn’t feel too painful. Still, hopefully we’ll get to see even more of it in 2022 before its release.

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