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Fortnite 17.30 Update Adds Burst Pulse Rifle, Grab-Itron, New Cosmetics, LTMs & More

fortnite 17.30 update

Fortnite 17.30 Update Adds Burst Pulse Rifle, Grab-Itron, New Cosmetics, LTMs & More

The Fortnite 17.30 update has just arrived, adding a new Burst Pulse Rifle weapon, a slew of new cosmetics and LTMs, and given Human Bill a fresh new look.

The news comes via popular dataminers iFireMonkey and HYPEX over on Twitter. Most interesting of the additions that have been uncovered so far is the Burst Pulse Rifle. This, as the name suggests is a pulse rifle that’s been modified for burst firing. Aiming down sights allows you to fire off slower and more accurate shots, or you can spray from the hip.

That’s not the only new weapon to arrive in this update. The Grab-itron has also arrived, allowing players to grab items and send them flying in another direction. The short trailer for the weapon below best highlights how the weapon can be used.

There are a ton of new cosmetics that have also been added or updated for the Item Shop in Fortnite 17.30. iFireMonkey has provided a handy screenshot of them all below, or you can check out this YouTube video for a closer showcase of each one.

Human Bill, the NPC that looks an awful lot like an alien in disguise (but who are we to judge?!) has also been given a ton of new skins and emotes. According to Epic, he has over 4,000 style combinations, meaning you can make your humanoid look exactly how you want him to.

As for LTMs, both The Bodyguard — where you protect a VIP on your team — and Dropwave have been updated in Fortnite’s 17.30 update, and they’ve been joined by an entirely new LTM, Team Brawl.

In Team Brawl, two teams face off in a fast-paced brawl. Players will battle it out to earn their team the most eliminations using weapon loadouts that change every time you respawn. It sounds like this mode will put your skills with all weaponry to the test, so better sharpen up before you jump into the action.

iFireMonkey also makes reference to a new chest type called Spawn Obelisks. These have a chance of leaving behind a chest with powerful weapons, though it’s not yet clear exactly how these work or where they’ll spawn.

Finally, the latest update has given us a sneak peek of the fate of Slurpy Swamp. A new lobby background shows the named location in fragments being abducted up to the mothership, and a no gravity zone can be seen around it, too.

What do you make of the Fortnite 17.30 update? Let us know in the comments below, or head over to our wiki for tips and tricks on how to complete all of this season’s challenges.

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