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Cursed To Golf Bounces Its Way to PC & Switch Next Year

Cursed To Golf

Cursed To Golf Bounces Its Way to PC & Switch Next Year

Today, Kyoto-based developer Chuhai Labs and Swedish publisher Thunderful Games announced a new roguelike-platformer, Cursed To Golf, which is set to arrive next year for PC and Switch. Coinciding with the announcement is a new trailer showcasing the game in action. Go ahead and check out said video down below:

What’s really cool about the above footage is that you don’t just get to see the moment-to-moment gameplay from Cursed To Golf, but you also get an introduction from the game’s creator and director, Liam Edwards. Clearly, Edwards’ passion for the project shines through brightly as he describes the title, saying:

Cursed To Golf is a golf-like. It tasks players with taking on 18 dungeon-like holes throughout golf purgatory. It takes place in this beautiful pixel-art world full of unique characters and interesting areas where you only have three clubs and a golf ball. Alongside powerful power-ups called ace cards to avoid the deadly and dangerous hazards in hopes of surviving each hole on your way to ascension.

Cursed To Golf is inspired by classic roguelikes and Metroidvanias with a smattering of retro golf games. I wanted to create a roguelike in which movement is really interesting for the player which led me to experiment with physics. I started with a golf ball in a dungeon and that led me to a sport I played as a kid: golf.

For more information, here’s the rundown courtesy of the game’s latest press release:

Cursed to Golf offers a fresh take on the golfing and roguelike subgenres. Played like a golfinated turn-based 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer, attempt to survive each hole by reaching the flag within the PAR Count; a designated amount of swings you have to reach the end. If the PAR Count reaches zero you’ll get sucked through a purgatorial vortex back to the beginning of the course. While classic golf obstacles like the water hazards and bunkers will make an appearance, you’ll also come across high powered fans, spikes, vines, TNT boxes, teleporters and a whole load more variables that can be a help or a hindrance on your way to the hole. It’s all par for the course in this twisted take on the classic game!

But what say you? Are you excited “fore” Cursed To Golf? Or does it just look like a double bogey to you? Putt your way to the usual place down below to let us know.

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