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CrossfireX Finally Reappears at Gamescom 2021 Showing Off Maps, Game Modes, Characters, & More


CrossfireX Finally Reappears at Gamescom 2021 Showing Off Maps, Game Modes, Characters, & More

It’s been quite a while since we last heard from CrossfireX. Aside from a brief beta, information about the upcoming joint venture between Remedy Entertainment and Smilegate has been sparse. That changed today at Gamescom 2021 as CrossfireX made an appearance to show players a bit of the game’s multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer is being developed by Smilegate, the original developers of Crossfire. CrossfireX will include a classic multiplayer option that fans of the original should feel comfortable with, along with two other currently confirmed game modes known as Spectre and Modern.

Classic Mode, for those unaware, is similar to Counter-Strike/Valorant objective-based gameplay and is the core mode that most players are familiar with. Modern, as the name implies, is more akin to a “Control” mode seen in many recently popular FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. The trailer below gives a brief feel for these modes and the maps that will be making an appearance in CrossfireX.

Then things get a little funky. There’s a Spectre mode that sees one team with guns fighting invisible players with knives. And now, as seen in the trailer above, there appears to be some kind of hero/character-driven mode. There’s a character known as the Boogieman that can carry guns and scythes and appears formidable to take on, ripping through groups of enemies like it is nothing.

We’re not sure exactly where the Boogieman plays into all of this, but it looks badass, I’ll give it that. There are also other fantastical elements like the beasts the soldiers are seen fighting in the trailer. This is likely where we see a bit of Remedy’s influence on CrossfireX.

The trailer overall is a bit vague about what we’re actually looking at, but it does look great at least. No details about the campaign or a release date were shown or announced, unfortunately, so hopefully this sates fan’s appetites for a while.

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