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Cris Tales Gets Its First Update on PS5 & PC; Includes Endgame Balancing & Bug Fixes

Cris Tales

Cris Tales Gets Its First Update on PS5 & PC; Includes Endgame Balancing & Bug Fixes

Today, Colombian developer Dreams Uncorporated and California-based indie publisher Modus Games have confirmed that their colorful retro JRPG, Cris Tales, has received its first patch for PS5 and PC.

The new update is available to download now and will add a bunch of tweaks, bug fixes as well as some extra PC-specific graphical options. As of the time of writing, the patch is currently only available for PS5 and PC. There’s currently no word yet on when it will be deployed to other platforms.

The news comes by way of a blog post over on Modus Games’ official site. The most eye-catching addition that this update will bring is some much-needed endgame balancing. Specifically, the patch will stop the game’s difficult The Empress Of Time endgame boss from constantly healing herself.

For a full breakdown of the new additions this new update will bring, here are Cris Tales’ full patch notes:

  • Fixed numerous text bugs 
  • (For PC) Added first set of graphical setting options including aspect ratio and vSync options 
  • (For PC) Fixed display issues in ultra-widescreen mode 
  • Fixed numerous user reported soft-locks 
  • Fixed an achievement not being unlockable 
  • Fixed enemies occasionally not appearing during a battle in the salt mines 
  • Fixed the “burn” icon becoming distorted when using Impact Strikes 
  • Adjusted pricing for Tents 
  • Adjusted pricing for the Distortion Ring 
  • Crisbell now learns Heal at level 2 
  • The Empress will now use perfect heal for only two turns 

Interestingly, our very own Ed McGlone reviewed Cris Tales on PC, and ran into some of his own issues with the game involving the controller. Unfortunately, it appears that the specific bug that he ran into hasn’t been addressed in this update. Hopefully, it’ll get a fix at some point in the future, though. That all being said, he still enjoyed his time with the title ultimately awarding it 3/5, concluding:

If you strip that away from Cris Tales, what you have left is a charming and serviceable RPG that is also packed with quite a few flaws and questionable design choices. Cris Tales is definitely worth a playthrough if you’re looking for something light-hearted and a little bit old-school. Just keep your expectations low when it comes to time-based gameplay.

But what say you? Tell us, are you happy to see this new update for Cris Tales? Or are you still waiting on a fix for something else in the game? Use your time manipulation powers in the usual place down below to let us know.

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